AWCP-127/CAR "Carchardontron" vs UHPF-0217/SOUL Reaver is currently Under Construction, page may not be the finalized product.

Map: Ruined City (Desert)

  • " " = Dialogue/Speech
  • > < = Unit Action
  • >> <<= Unit Action 3rd Person View/Camera View Modes/Intro
  • BOLD = Action Results/Turns/Status/Character
  • ET = End Turn


Ahead01 takes the first turn (Intro Always Starts before battle)

>>A large foot step sound echoes through the city, weak small ruined structers began to crumble down to the ground as sound waves made contact with the surface the sound stopped for a moment. Suddenly a figure of an dinsosaur like-head design raised its head and it roared terrifyingly loud, all of the weakened structures collapsed instantly within its range. resuming its movement it reveals its whole body that is appears to be the resemblance of Carchardontosaurus but MECH then came to an halt<<

TRICK-97: "Carchary standing-by, radar confirms enemy heat-signatures closing by awaiting enemy visual sightings."


Ahead02s turn (Intro)

>>A Fast humanoid machine running through rubble and sands while sprinting no sounds were made, it leaps its way from building to building and landed onto the sands softening the impact, appearing before the Beast-itself<<

SOL: "Enemy visualization confirmed, this will be an hell of a fight!" looking as if his pressurized by his foe its might appearance. "Son of a B!TCH i-its an ACT!"

>The machine then changes its posture in a more braced style<