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An Heavily Armed Shoulder Combat Device Unit
Technical Specifications
Model Number
Nickname Janissair Gun Shoulders Slinger
Type/Role Customized Janissair Combat Device Type Medium
Developed From CD-970/JT
Number Built 1
Mass/Weight 7.45900 tonne
Height 7.8 meters
Length TBA
Width 4.4 meters
Engine/Power-plant Multi-Fuel NEO-970MecElectricEngine
Armor Titanium Composite Armour, ERA
Pilots/Crew TRICKY-97
Armaments MEKS MPT-760, YATA-26
System Features LWR System, Bio-Sensor
Module Equipments/Armaments (3x) DAAACTS, DAMACTS
Chronological Appearance
Appearance ERA Forge
Universe Generation ERA
Unit Status
Health points (HP) 620
Armor Defence (AD) 300
Movement Ranges (Game Only) 8
Reactive Points 18
Skills Fight Back
Abilities DAAACTS


An customized version of the Janissair mass production types, designed by Tricky-97 the unit is much more bulkier and heavily armed than the original ones.


The "Mekanize Piyade Tüfeği" in English "Mechanized Battle Rifle". Is the main standard primary weapon, made for high resilient altitude of all extreme weathering warfare. When not used the battle rifle can be stored/mounted on the units left shoulder by attaching the hand-held bar.
(1) MEK-100AP - Loads up to 30 deadly AP Rounds dealing deadly damages against non-Anti AP Armor. (Damage:67 +AP:14)

System Features

Module Slots

  • DAAACTS (Defense Anti-Air Auto Cannon Turret system)
This turret is mounted on a module slot located on its shoulder. The turret is capable of firing high rate of HEIAP rounds on incoming flying objects between 130m ranges. DAMAGE:86 +AP:14)
  • DAMACTS (Defense Anti-Material Auto Cannon Turret System)
An computer controlled assist turret located above its shoulder that has an support platform much similar to the DAAACTS these also can fire at high rates of HEIAP rounds at much longer distance than the other and provides a longer smoothebore cannon. (DAMAGE:92 +AP16)


  • Fight Back
-1 Reactive Points - When an enemy is prepared to strike you down with a melee attack activate this skill; this allows you to block its attack and counter attack by using the Melee Counter System.


  • DAAACTS (Mech)
Upon Activation at any battle circumstances, the unit can use its Defence Anti Air Auto-Cannon Turret System (DAAACTS) -
The Turret can automatically open fire against incoming missiles or aircrafts by Rolling 1d20.


Missile - Destroy Several Incoming missiles but some manages to slip pass but reduce incoming missile damage by 50%.
Aircraft - A hit on the aircraft but reduced turret damage by 50%.


Missile - A successful hit all incoming missiles were destroyed, no damage received
Aircraft - A successful hit to the aircraft dealing full damage to it.