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CD/MEKS-097G 97th "Khal" Prodigy
Khal-slim v2
An early design of Khal
Technical Specifications
Nickname Project: High Moon
Type Custom Bipedal Close-Mid Range Combat Device
Designer Ayberk Altan with co-operation with MEKS
Manufacturer Mechanical and Electronic Chemistry Corporation (MEKS)
Developed Into TC-CD/97SDIV
User Team ARTI.LI
Service In-Service
Height 15.4 meters
Mass/Weight 17.8 metric tons
Power-Plant TBA
Speed km/h 137km/h (On Foot)
Armor Material Grade 97
Pilot Saorga Tensai
Armaments MEKS MMR-760, MH/DEPOD-S13k
Optional Equipments ADM System
Chronological Appearance
Appearance E.R.A.: Grand Mekanics Formula
Universe Generation ERA


The Combat Device is a customized hybrid of Light & medium class bipedal fairly small for its height. Both Arms and legs somehow slimmer sacrificing armour for fast mobility manoeuvre, however the structure of the unit are made out of Grade 97 Titanium Alloy materials giving significant durability as the armour is resilient thus making it limited of production.


The MEKS Mechanized Machine Rifle or MMR for short is a redesigned model with shortened barreled version of the standard mass produced battle rife of MEKS MPT-760 unlike the MPT-760 this weapon have an improved fire-rating and mechanisms as well as increased magazine size.
Attached onto its left arm the DEPO is an mixture of defensive capabilities and armoury. For defensive purposes it can temporarily regenerate an Electromagnetic Energy Shield in a form of Oval used to block both energy and projectile weapons. However if simultaneously being attacked at a spot the shield's strength gradually will weaken an breaks until then limiting further combat contacts will results the strengthen renewal.

Optional Equipments

The ADM System (Arial/Aero Dynamic Manoeuvre-propulsion System) is a special customized equipment flight pack.
This special back-pack thruster was designed for all-out normal movements having multiple-vector thrusters gives the machine full mobility control making evasion handling much easier considering the acceleration ignition time of shifting the units current position is less than 3 seconds in air, however sacrificing hard-dashing thrusters and armament modules.

System Features




  • The head was designed from the Ottoman Chichak or Lobster-tailed pot helmet.