E.R.A. Reception is currently Under Construction, page may not be the finalized product.

Welcome newcomers first things first the rules:

  • No Vandalism to other pages if they're not yours, if caught it will either be a 1-2x warning if failed to understand you'll be banned either week, month or permanently.
  • Respect other members and no very very foul language that can offend them.
  • No Plagiarism from other off-topic sources if caught will be asked to change/redo.
  • Have fun.....?

How To Create

IF your new to this wikia or never heard of them then here's some instructions

NOTES: Bullet points on Infobox aren't available atm so bear with me

  • Want to create your first mech?: Then Click here:

[Old/Obsolete:] Template:CD Infobox

[New/Current:] Template: CD Infobox 2

  • Be sure to add Template:Fanon if your going to add and save your creations here. This allows your creation to be a fan-based meaning its your own work and you can withdraw it at any-time but be WARY of plagiarism avoid at all cost!
  • No Ship infoboxs at the moment. Dun Dun Dun!

Unit Classification

Note: Mecha is the only current playable unity type at the moment sorry :( , the rest are still being discussed


NOTE: Sorry this unit classification are unavailable at the moment

For mecha weapons, Weapon damages will have to be equally adjusted/balanced according to their unit type e.g. Light: E-01LI Magnum (DM:25), / Medium: E-01ME Magnum Bruiser (DM:38) etc.


  • Light - HP:550-600, AD/Armor Defence:270-320 Re Points:12-16
  • Medium - HP:650-850, AD/Armor Defence:330-400 Re Points:11-15
  • Heavy- HP:860-940, AD/Armor Defence:440-580 Re Points:10-14
  • Assault Class - HP:990-1200, AD/Armor Defence:620-700 Re Points:9-13
CD (Combat Devices)
  • Light - HP:500-550 AD/Armor Defence:200-230 Re Points:18-20
  • Medium - HP:580-630 AD/Armor Defence:240-300 Re Points:16-19
  • Heavy - HP:645-743 AD/Armor Defence:321-399 Re Points:15-17


NOTE: Sorry this unit classification and playability are unavailable at the moment

See Unit Skills Page


  • tgun123 (Forward Observer / Pending)