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Based on the book 'Evolving.Reactive.Authority: AA (Absolute Authority)'.

Plot Summary

Notable Technology

  • Skeletal Framed Combat Device
A 7-8 meter humanoid suits these were first used before the terror events.



  • 97th Orta "New Order" Foot Guards of the East
Under the orders of the Sultan. In need to make a newer yet formidable guards, this leads to the creation of the New Order Foot Guards of the East (Replacing other majority foot infantry on the branch). Led by Bukhari (بخاري) Haydar-II, these arduous training men are used to fight against "Terrors". Equipped with the empires latest Rifle Gun, they never fail to hit enemies afar and are also born for close quarters combat situation making them elite standing infantry in the army.
  • Enlightened Knights
Immediatly formed after the follow creation of UAAT, the newly joined alliances needed itself a new force. The enlightened knights, selected from both experienced soldiers of the front and during the terror event, Blessed by the holy church they are the elite of the knights showing both dignity and righteousness on the battles.



  • Ottoman Empire

United Allegiance Against Terror (UAAT)

  • English
  • France