The Intaq tribe race are an reptilian species some have like-humanoid body and some other's don't. The tribe were a peaceful race till their original planet by other life-forms it encountered, due to this they migrated and rebuild their homes/base on radioactive planets.

The tribe long lived on radio active wasteland since then they evolved and adapted the environment. While living on radioactive soil they've mastered the use of radioactive materials using them into good use.

Tribe Force

The tribe tend to have different classes of force Grunt & warrior.

There aren't many ships being built only a few of them, Escort class(Size of an cruiser) and planetorian ship classes (Battleship planetary defenders.



The grunts serves as an body fodder, they are pre-equipped with Beam-like Acidic Weapon, they can survive in space the grunts are capable of Re-entry atmospheric.
The warriors are a mixture of organic and metal plating, they are roughly 3 meters high. The warriors act as an Brute of the tribe.
The Enforcer is the powerhouse of the tribe, they are an Organic with the mixture of Radioactive Hexagonal-Nano Metal Plating. The enforcer is equipped with an Green-radiation Beam cannon weapon on it's Frontal-Nose Section, on the bottom it is equipped with a dual "Radron" Rapid-firing Beam as it's default weapon. The metal armor plating is capable of absorbing heat for a long periods of time meaning they can survive against heat source weapons for a short-long time depending on it's power. For flight, the Enforcers are optionally equipped with Energy Floating-System if the battle was an aerial or space environment.
A Rare Enforcer type bred warriors, slightly larger, notably the