Jenízaro-class I Battle-cruiser

Class Specification
Ships of the Line SoFNE Janissary, SoNFE Divergent Path
User Sultani of New Federation Earth (SoNFE)
Service In-Service (Active)
Dimensions & Mass
Length 1,975 meters
Width 416 meters
Height 483 meters
Technical Specifications
Power-Plant Fusion Reactor Class-IIS
Engine Propulsion  ??x Ion Thrusters (Over 1,000 G Acceleration)
Sensor Systems Rader, Various of Sensors
Armor Material Grade 97 Class-III
Armaments ANF-MSL/HERD Warheads, CQC-ANF Turrets, Hvy-Duty Fixed Battery Cannon
Systems Class-IIS Mirror Armour
Ship Complement
Crews 1,500+ Members
Vehicles 20+ CD's, 4+ Transporters
Air/Space Crafts  ??x UTMAT CD Drop-pod
Chronological Appearance
Universe Generation ERA

The Jenízaro-class I Battlecruiser was the Sultani of New Federation Earth's 4th class ship vessel to have been constructed. Designed for Full-scale battle it has been outfitted with multiple weapons mixing in and out house range capabilities.

Ship Specification Characteristics


  • 48-Tube ANF-MSL/HERD Warheads
  • 23x CQC-ANF Turrets
  • ??x Port & Starboard Hvy-Duty Fixed Battery Cannon

System Features



The Jenizaro-class Battlecruiser still remains intact within the SoNFESC military however its production line cease to exist in favor of the newest all-class cruiser The Ultra-class Cruiser vessels.


  • This Jenízaro (Spanish) or Janissary in English are named after the Elite Shock Infantry of the Ottoman Empire. Translating as "New Army" by their language which can befitting name towards this class as New Ships or Army are needed to secure strategic locations and the faction itself.