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A redesigned model of MEKS MPT-760 this is an exclusively limited in the arsenal
Technical Specifications
Model Number AKA-97
Type Assault Rifle
Manufacturer Mechanical and Electronic Chemistry Industrial Centre (MEKS)
User TBA
Service/Status In-Service
Number Built 70+
Weight/Mass TBA
Length TBA
Firing Modes Automatic
Rate of Fire Fast
Action TBA
Cartridge TBA
Feed System 36-Round Detachable Magazine


'The MEKS AKA-97/SHD is a rapid firing serious of armour piercing rounds unlike most primary hand-held weapon this armament has a little impact force making it suitable for close-range combat situation, but a extended muzzle barrel has been installed adding additional velocity travel making this weapon a category of close to medium range.

The SHD on the weapon is an acronym meaning SHield Deployement as it has a feature of deploying a shield in between the sides of the base structure near the muzzle. The features includes:
  • Deployment Phase 1
The Phase 1 allows the deployment of a physical shield first; upon activation the shield retracts forming a medium oval shield.
The main structure base is made of light Titanium Alloy while being meshed upon by a frontal Anti-Rocket/Projectile Cage-like Armour reducing the overall damage impact to the main base. which is used to block incoming projectile rounds or better term Kinetic weapons to further increases the material durability and survivability.


Specifications Effects Additional Desc
Damage: 67 +23 When attacking Non-Heavy armourers in close range
Material Durability: 345 MD Only in Deployment-Phase 1
Additional Effects: Reduce Damage Impact by -12 against incoming Missile, Rocket attacks (Deployment-Phase 1)


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