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Mpt-760 render-v1
The main standard weapon of the Janissair Combat Devices
Technical Specifications
Model Number MPT-760
Type Battle Rifle
Manufacturer Mechanical and Electronic Chemistry Corporation (MEKS)
User Neo-Sultanate
Service/Status In-Service
Number Built 600+
Firing Modes Automatic
Rate of Fire Average
Feed System

The "Mekanize Piyade Tüfeği" in English "Mechanized Battle Rifle". Is the main standard primary weapon of the mass produced Combat Devices (CD) CD-970/JT.


The weapon itself is made for high resilient altitude of all extreme weathering warfare. The MPT has an average rate of fire while providing greater range and penetrative knock-back fire-power or impact force. A coolant system was installed, these will gradually cools down the barrel and firing mechanisms as it prevents them to melt further prolonging its operation.

This battle rifle is loaded with HEAP (High Explosive Armor Piercing) rounds to further increasing its power and penetrative capabilities in battle.


Specifications Effects Additional Desc
Damage: 67 + AP:21 Loads up to 30 deadly AP Rounds dealing deadly damages against heavy armor users.
Additional Effects: None