Built by Industrial Mechanical and Electronic Chemistry these are the "Tactical" power-house and considered to be SoNFE's flagship Combat Device.


The MCD or Manageable Combat Device is another variant CD measuring roughly up to 5 meters in height although it exceeds by 6 meters maximum depending on their production builds.

These machines overall operate different from the rest, they were built for quick-deployment, easy control for complex movements and most of all, all-out environment warfare relatively places where they are capable of hiding themselves easily such as forest and rocky landscapes due to their small size. In addition suitable in urban warfare taking less space while providing free movements and cover although in exchange less fire-power, armour defence and systems that were originally used on the CD.

The biggest feature was the M.H.M.G. which stands for Manageable.Human.Movement.Gimmick. A rare variant cockpit type that allows its pilot to execute motions in a human fashionably way that can naturally aid them when excessive actions are necessary these includes Close Quarters Combat particularity when using a blade or bare metal hands, natural movements such as crouching, Crawling, Running etc..


Another development evolution from CD to Manageable Grade was to take advantages it's size being efficient in production as well as relativity cheap and storage expansions when idle in hangar bay or ships.

They are often deployed in mass because of it's size dropships can store up to 10 MCD's while a regular is maxed to 4.

Production Models

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation