P.C. (Power Clad) is a powered suit that was widely used in ERA: Ventures From The Deep. The P.C. was intended to be aquatic exploration and warfare due to the planet being 98% sea and has highly resistant against physiological dangers when deep diving, however they can be also used in land and has various designs and equipments for their roles.



  • PC/SP-024 Balista Speargun
The PC/SP-024 Balista Speargun Close Ranged weapon that is a form of Spear, when launched it travels at an high velocity rate that deals tremendous damaged on vital parts. The spear can be retracted by a wire this can also be used on grappling objects or climbing.
  • HI-POW37/NEDR High-Powered Needle Rifle
The High-Powered Needle Rifle is used on medium to close ranged combat. Usable in both surface or underwater but has different sizes and cartridges to suit environmental needs, the weapon can fire at an high rates and packs a punch when used closed range.

Pre-equipped Weapons & Tools

  • Needle-Sting Knuckle

P.C. Types

First Generation Series "Alpha Brawlers"

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