A newly developed armour from the late 21st century. The 97 is an heavy multi-sandwiched layers of thick platings. The first outer-layered are platings of highly dense Stainless Steel Sloped armour this is used to deflect Kinetic Penetrators (KE) & anti-tank shells. The middle section is shaped of an 2.2 meters thick of hexagonal platings which is made up of Aluminium-Titanium which is 40% heavy. Finally adding its supreme overall defence an heavy duty 2.1 thick width of carbon allotrope is added. This makes the armor superbly resistant against projectiles and also heat, in-exchange for this, increased weight to the bearer.

Other Type Grade-97 Alloys/Armor

  • PROTO-DEF/AL GRADE-97 "Alarium Alloy"

Advantage Benefits


This Unit who possess PROTO-DEF/TITAN and other relative armors are, able to deflect and negate Extra Damages from Armor Piercing (AP)ammunitions and reduces all incoming damages by -12.