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The Project: High Moon & Red Dawn is a programming of creating Advanced Combat Devices specifically made for one man army. Ayberk Altan founder of the current project joined by many other staffs from all over the world from engineering to scientific research developments however only two devices were constructed later the project would've been abandoned by the following death of the director.

Known members

Lead Director and Founder of the Program


Science Research departments

Known Products Produced



  • PrJ-HM/CG1g "Air Head" Coil Rifle Cannon
Armour Type System
  • PAMS (Purging Armour Micro-Missile System)
The PAMS is a mixture of missile launcher and armor module thus can be attached to any modules surface on the CD devices or Vessels. They are used as an additional armor (varies) and can purge the concealment armor-shaped circle thus allows the usage of Micro Missiles.
Solid Type - An Solid armor pretty much standard
Ablative Type - Used to battle against heat elements either atmosphere entry or laser weaponry impact.


Armour Type System
  • HEFA (High Electronic Frequency Armour)
A special system pre-built and concealed within the armours of Red Dawn. An Electronic Warfare-like system that disrupts and jams any electronic counterparts within the radius. Once activated certain parts of where the HEFA are hidden the armor purges inside devices blow blue with an electric lightning travelling through the thin yet resilient wires.