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Saorga Tensai
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Character Trait
Alias Artificial Prodigy
Age 21
Gender Male
Blood type A+
Height 187 cm
Weight 67 kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Affiliation Part of Team ARTI.LI
Occupation Pilot of CD/MEKS-097G 97th "Khal" Prodigy
Chronological Appearance
Appearance RP (Various of Groups)
Universe Generation ERA

Character that appears on the RP Evolving.Reactive.Authority. - Formula (mecha RP). Saorga an professional pilot holding the title "Prodigy" is one of the members participating as a pilot.


Saorga is a type of person that falls under the category of stoic. unlike most pilots he spends his time arduously training and reassessing his data to prove himself if he can hold the worthy title "Prodigy". Despite his traits Saorga proves to be an effective tutoring *The Young League* students or his team pilots at some point nether the less giving advices on a small yet simple scale.


Saorga is a fully member of the professional team ARTI.L. A former 'guerilla' fighter of the previews century, now works exclusivity for the Mechanical and Electronic Chemistry Industrial Centre or MEKS for short.

He is next in line of being the successor of the team with 'Bren' the prodigy both have similar characteristics and high Ariel Movement capabilities, but Saorga differs in fighting style of the approach of Old school style making him the odd ball. The only thing that prevents him being as the successor of Bren is the unwillingly cooperation between the team or anybody thus fighting individuality.

He pilots his own personal unit at the GMF Event.


Designed by MEKS industry, Khal the first CD to ever be developed by the MEKS and used personally for Saorga during the GMF.