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UHPF-0217/SOUL Reaper
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SOL's personal unit used on the Grand Mekanics Formula League event.
Technical Specifications
Nickname Soul Reaper, Juvenile Reaper
Type Customize Light Bipedal Close-Range Combat Device Ground Type
Manufacturer ARTEMIS, SOL (Designer/Preference)
User United Human Planetary Federation
Service In-Service
Height 13.4 meters
Mass/Weight 14.6 metric tons
Speed km/h 160km/h
Armor Material Titanium Composite Armor
Armaments E-01MAG Evolving Magnum, Weaver Claws
Systems Jump Jet "Dodger" Portable Pack
Chronological Appearance
Appearance E.R.A.: Formula
Universe Generation ERA

2nd Generation customized Humanoid combat device specifically made for Close-range and designed by SOL. Reaper is an agile unit that is made for fast stealth assault and used in hit & run tactics, armed with light but dangerous weapon.


Light armored humanoid mech. It's designs are sleek giving itself free range of movements that are ideal in close quarters combat. sacrificing its defence for speed and mobility Reaper can outrun almost any light-weight Combat Devices thanks to SOUL-W08 Engine Core giving the unit the maximum speed of 160km/h.


|health=571 |arm=213 |mov=11 |reactive=20


  • 01MAG Evolving Magnum
Its main standard armament the handgun unlike all other handguns, this weapon packs a punch capable of dealing great damages with armor penetrating capabilties, when unused the weapon can be stored on its right leg. (Damage:34 +AP:10 / Range:6SB / Heat:N/A)
  • Weaver Claws
The Arms on the unit contains a pre-equipped concealed tri-claw blade that emits energy/heat on the edges. These are powerful enough to slice thick armor within mere seconds presumed to be the deadliest weapon tool than the evolving magnum. (Damage:67 / Range: 1SB / Heat:9G)

System Features

  • Jump Jets
The Reaper possess jumps jets that are used to glide and move from different positions such as buildings or cliffs. (Heat:13G)


  • Fight Back
-1 Reactive Points - When an enemy is prepared to strike you down with a melee attack activate this skill; this allows you to block its attack and counter attack by using the Melee Counter System.
  • Rapid Strike
-3 Reactive Points - This feature is only available pistol wielders, the unit can fire another attacks by rolling 1d30 dices repeat this 3x.


  • Jump Jet Dodger
-2 Reactive points - When activated roll a dice of 1d30 if over 16 points, dodge incoming attacks.